About Coldline

Established in 1998 by current director James Megalli as a single man operation with the philosophy " take care of the customer and they will take care of the business"

Today we know that taking care of our staff and instilling in them our values of integrity, commitment and hard work we can have a successful business as they also help in taking care of our customers.

We rely soley on our reputation and word of mouth for growth, and grow we did, currently with a staff of 11 and 7 vehicles we still have the same approach to business as the day Coldline began.

Well respected amongst our peers, suppliers and industry partners we continue to come to work everyday to be better today at what we did yesterday.

Environmentally Sustainable Design

Sustainable design of all new projects is a major consideration when designing any new system. It is important to have a well-designed system that not only works within your needs, but also is efficient and sufficient for your needs.

It is imperative not to overmaximise your requirements, as oversizing will increase your running costs. With rising power costs a continuing concern, Coldline will help you by ensuring the installation of a system that is just right for your needs while caring for the environment.

The health of our environment is critical to our health & as such, we strongly believe in recycling, reducing waste, and being responsible for our work methods.

Our Managers, Engineers and Technicians are all licensed under the Ozone Protection and synthetic greenhouse gas management Act 1989. This Act is administered by the Department of Environment, Water, heritage and the Arts. The Act’s long term aim is sustainability and at Coldline we see ourselves as a responsible partner by not only complying with, but supporting the Act.

Latest Technology

It is important for us to keep up to date with technological advancements. This is critical as it helps us to reduce the footprint of ourselves and our valued customers on the environment by keeping down the soaring cost of electricity. We feel that it is essential for you to have well designed systems that are efficient and cost effective.

To avail our customer of the most functional and cost effective equipment, our staff, in collaboration with industry partners, are continuously evaluating emerging trends in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. Coldline representatives regularly attend national exhibitions, sampling products and attending seminars enables our staff to be at the forefront of technological change, and therefore pass the benefits onto our valued customers.

With advancement in fault diagnostics, we are able to assist you on site or remotely, thereby cutting down service time, even identifying a potential problem, before there is a stock loss.

Long Term Client Relationships

We value our client relationships. Our business was built on the basis of that principle & therefore it is our goal to achieve long term relationships with all our customers. We will support you from the design stage through to the installation of the project.

As we not interested in hit & run installations, you will receive our ongoing support well after the project has been completed through follow-up service and maintenance of the equipment, along with any other way we can assist you.

Response Times (Breakdowns)

From the moment you contact us that you need our assistance, we make your problem our priorty. We understand that it is critical to your business to have your refrigeration needs cared for in the quickest possible time.

Staff Training Policy

At Coldline, we believe strongly in ongoing development and training of all our staff so as to provide to you, service second to none.
We strongly encourage feedback from our customers, staff and suppliers. Through this we have been able to regularly conduct targeted needs analysis which assists us to identify skills areas that require additional training.

We have been able to implement a staff training policy that delivers a proactive and relevant training program, aimed at reflecting our customers’ needs and expectations. We find that by insisting on the best of training for our staff, they have greater job satisfaction and abilities and therefore ensure completing your job to a high standard.

Our commitment, to our staff & our customers, is to provide quality service and a continual improvement process that is encouraged, implemented and maintained.

OHS&E (Safe Work Practices)

The health and safety of our staff, customers and the general public is a priority. Ongoing reviews of our health and safety procedures ensures all our staff are up to date with current legislation and are equipped with all documentation, procedures and safety equipment.

We conduct regular reviews, with constant adjustments to procedures and with safety at the fore front, we ensure all staff return home safely to their families. Our proactive approach ensures that our policies and procedures reflect the latest work place practices.

Our staff are supported by the following documentation;

  • Quarterly reviewed OHS&E policy
  • Safe Work Method Statements, validated by industry partners
  • Personal Protective Equipment Policy
  • Workcover accredited “White Card” for Working safely in the construction industry
  • Industry approved tools and equipment

We are proud to say that at Coldline, our safety record is supported by the fact that no critical incidents have been reported nor recorded in our 13 years of business. We pride ourselves in our dedication to occupational health and safety.