System Design

Your project starts in the design stage.  This is the most critical stage of the project as it is in this stage where we engineer & select the equipment.  We will work along with you to assess your needs & do our utmost to deliver the best equipment for your needs.  The correct equipment is critical for a system to run efficiently, economically & to optimum performance.  Using our vast experience in this field, we are sure to make your project a success.


Once your project has been designed and engineered, we move into the project stage.  Whether you are managing the job yourself or have employed a builder to run the project, we will work within your requirements to ensure an excellent result at the end of your project.

Preventative Maintenance

Carrying out routine preventative maintenance is imperative to preventing costly breakdowns.  By following our maintenance program, small faults can be detected and rectified before the equipment fails.  A Coldline representative will develop a maintenance program that is tailor-made for your site, ensuring all your valuable equipment is reviewed on every visit.  You will then be presented with a full comprehensive report to keep you up-to-date on your system's performance.

Breakdown Service

At Coldline we value our service to you & therefore have a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles and trained technicians.  These dedicated staff are always ready to help resolve your problem in a prompt & professional manner, with minimal disruption to your business.

Our service department is available 24 hours to assist you with emergency breakdowns, simply call our 1300 788 388 number as you would during normal business hours and we will be only too glad to assist.